Caption Competition

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Come up with an amusing caption for our latest competition and you could win a bottle of bubbly!

For a chance to win a bottle of champagne or a £20 donation to the charity of your choice, either email your captions for the above image to for posting on our website (state ANON if you don't wish to be accredited); or LIKE our Facebook page, then add a caption to the photo attached.

Terms and Conditions Apply - Add as many captions as you like, UK competition only!

The deadline for entries will be Sunday 30th April 2017, you will be then notified for your details.

Current Entries

"At least I'll avoid any more Legs-it jokes with this pose!!"

Lyn Pringle

"Doug has now left Burnt Sugar"

Doug Struthers

"Affordable shopping list?"


"Nicola Sturgeon orders a new bra after complaints of her being topless in public when wearing a rather short skirt"

Rob Falconer

"Dear Mrs. May, If our application for independence fails, would you please register me for Disability Living Allowance on account of no longer having any legs."

Valerie Ganne

"Dear Theresa - I’m wearing my fishnets and stilettos for the next photoshoot. How about you hun?"

Steve Cooper

"Dear Teresa May, I have well better legs"

Adam Britton

"Good evening viewers and welcome to my new referendum show, The Thighs the limit"

Ken Wilkinson

"O Flower of Scotland, when will we see your like again? But we can still rise now, and be the nation again!"

Julian Ashton

"Dear Theresa, I write to you in the squalor of my home bathed in only partial light, due to the exorbitant price of the free electricity I receive as part of my position. I feel I must, again, bring to your attention the fact that my cushion does not match my sofa and I am seeking permission off the Scottish Parliament to force English to replace it. Failure to do so will inevitably lead to yet a further vote for independence if I lose this next one!"

Malcolm Batho

"Dear all,the family Knees Up went down very well,we all got Legless."

Ken Wilkinson

Previous Winners


March Entrant

"Brian and Martha - we got PWC to fax over your P45s. Do you want to come up and collect them?"

Erica Prendeville


February Entrant

"Page 7 fella Vladímir, 64 from Saint Petersburg said "I am very concerned with recent events in the US". We just admire the way he holds his rod."

Edwin McCracken


January Entrant

"As world leaders they should know that there is a time and place for listening to the football results."

Jeff Lowe