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We are Parallel, and we help build brands.

An integrated creative agency full of curious, interested and very creative people that fuses creative design execution, marketing strategy and worldly experience, all mixed with a hefty dose of business know-how.

As a collective, we’ve worked across a multitude of cultures, countries, industries and worked with established successful companies and exciting young start-up brands. We’re your partner, working beside you at every stage in a collaborative approach to get your voice heard.

It’s in the name… we are Parallel

Meet us

It’s all about the creative juice

We place the standard of our work above all else, including ourselves on occasion. We understand that to produce the best creative and help you stand out from the competition; we must remain true to our craft and the industry we work in. We are who we are as a team because of the combination of skills, personalities and camaraderie.

With expert insight, a good sprinkle of humour, and a steady flow of creative juice, we help our clients manage their branding and marketing journeys.

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This is how we do it


The beginning

Strategic planning allows you to position your business for your target customers and access new markets. After we understand your business, we design effective marketing plans – implementing beautifully designed and targeted campaigns – to reach the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Depending on where you are on your journey, we can assist you in getting back on track, pointing you in the right direction if you have a product or service but aren’t sure how to market it. We target your customers through insight, messaging and research.

Our strategic action plans and discovery sessions allow us to gain a deeper understanding of you and your company, letting us turn up the volume and get you heard.

Define your strategy
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The brand story

The creative is where brands are born, where concepts get realised into beautiful, innovative and unforgettable brands. Messaging that adheres to your brand promise and resonates with your audience. We bring our creative talents to the table using the learnings from our discovery workshop, creating a brand vision to create emotional connections between your brand and your audience.

Our integrated branding and strategic marketing strategy find the focus that both fires up and creates lasting brands for start-ups and established enterprises. We can help your brand stand out from the competition, amplify your business, and assist your customers and prospects locate you among the clutter and messaging out there in a world when consumers are overwhelmed with communications.

Create your brand story
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The brand promise­­­­­

After understanding your business objectives, we’ll develop the creative to produce the results you need to acquire that competitive advantage, whether it’s a brand refresh, a video animation, or a fully integrated campaign to help you become leaders in your market.

We create aspirational storylines and solutions that engage your audience across all of your customer touchpoints where the brand we built for you gets to communicate with clients who will love it for the rest of their lives.

Getting it right means mapping the consumer journey and looking for common touchpoints growing your brand, reaching new audiences, and giving your customers a lasting and memorable experience.

Engage your audience
Roller Decoration


The brand experience

We have decided on your name, brand, logo, and what should be included on your website. We have created the messaging framework to explain your products and services and created the story for making you an excellent choice for consideration amongst your competition.

It’s now time for us to deliver your brand identity. Uncovering opportunities to make your brand true to who you are, unique for your marketplace, creative and memorable – A seamless experience across all customer communications and touchpoints.

It’s now up to us to get it done on time and on budget. It’s time to go to market.

Be bold. Be brave. Be Parallel.

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We don't like to brag about our work...
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Do we have a clear industry focus? A hundred percent we do. That's how we've been able to excel at what we do. Among the clients we serve are established multi-national, boutique, and start-up businesses in the food, hotel, construction, lifestyle, engineering, beauty, and leisure industries.

Our integrated branding and strategic marketing process finds the emphasis that both whips up and creates lasting brands for start-ups and existing businesses.

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