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SMA Solar, the global leader in solar photovoltaic (PV) inverters, had a couple of pretty fundamental issues to overcome in the UK market.

Firstly, the sun never shines as much in the UK, so why would solar work for UK consumers? And secondly, SMA is known primarily as a brand of powdered baby milk, not world-beating solar PV inverter technology.

The second issue could be fixed with an awareness programme, the second is a littlebit more problematic as solar power doesn’t need the sun to work, nope it’s daylight! So, the tasks were evident, awareness of how solar power technology works and who this global industry giant is exactly.

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Red is the NEW Green

Working with the UK team at SMA Solar, we developed a series of cross-media initiatives with the overall aim to raise public awareness of the importance of solar PV technology and the role of the inverter plus dispel the myths surrounding renewable solar energy and the feed-in tariff.

Following the successful award-winning ‘Life shines brighter’ consumer campaign, we developed a consumer website for SMA with a collection of short, informative videos. This included the award-winning children’s educational book Smork in Suntown, which explained how PV works and why it is so important.

With the iconic red product synonymous with SMA solar, we enforced the narrative that an SMA solar PV system is the greenest is can be.

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Life shines brighter with SMA

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