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The beginning

Knowing your abilities and skillsets and when to call in the experts will put you on the road to success. Everyone is good at specialising, but there aren’t many of us who are good at multi­-skilling. Similarly, determining what makes your product exceptional is the first step. The next step is to improve it.

A strategic plan will allow you to position your business for your target customer groups and access their route to market. We understand your business, designing effective marketing plans, and implementing beautifully designed visual and targeted campaigns to reach the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Depending on where you are on your journey, we will hop in and assist you in getting back on track. We will point you in the right direction if you have a product or service but aren’t sure how to market it. We can help you target your messaging with insight, segmentation, and channel growth. We also check the box if you’re looking to reposition your company and need a strategic plan developed. Following a discovery session where we gain a deeper understanding of you and your company, we offer a strategic action plan to turn up the volume and get you heard.

Digital Marketing Coventry

Strategy & Positioning Workshops

No clear strategy, mission, or functioning business plan? No worries ­– through a series of workshop­, we will help you define your business’s strategic positioning, which will help you establish a position in your market that reflects your organisation’s value.

In the process of our market research, we’ll discover a gap in the value chain where you could gain an advantage over your competitors and leverage on it.

As a result, we’ll establish a profitable, protected market position for your products and services that separates them from those currently available on the market by developing features and benefits only your company can provide. Get mission critical.

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Digital Marketing Coventry

Goal defining

Creating a business with strong branding and storytelling is fantastic, and it is something we adore doing. To our minds, a company that lacks clearly defined goals and objectives is on par with the narrative of the paddle, the creek, and the canoe.

When it comes to setting priorities for getting the most bang for your buck with the marketing investment you are making, business goals and objectives are critical components of the process. It will position your company for success over a long time when used with a solid and targeted marketing strategy and communication plan.

Our strategy workshops will help you develop a set of values and an objective-driven mission that will map out a path for your brand, your name, and your firm to gain market share and attract prospects away from your competitors’ products and services.

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Brand positioning

Which car do you prefer: a Porsche or a Daihatsu? Both vehicles have four wheels, a steering wheel, and the ability to transport you from point A to point B. The differences between the two are that one is more functional than the other, and one is more desirable. In addition, one costs a lot more than the other, yet they both have their brands positioned in different markets and for different customers.

Brand positioning is the process of positioning your company’s brand in the minds of your customers in the manner and location that you desire. Brand positioning is more than just a catchy slogan or a flashy logo; it is the plan that distinguishes your company from the competition or distinguishes you as a Porsche rather than a Daihatsu.

An effective brand positioning strategy is achieved when the target audience views your brand as favourable, valued, and trustworthy. Do you have your brand positioned where you need it?

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Persona mapping

Are you focusing your efforts on the correct customers? Do you understand why people leave your website or abandon their shopping carts? Your customers’ requirements, behaviours, and purchasing routes may have changed more quickly than you realise, which would explain this.

Persona mapping is the method of constructing fictional but realistic identities of your target clients. They represent a variety of traits such as personal characteristics, aspirations, desires, emotions, and other factors.

Mapping allows us to better understand our clients by producing personas with basic demographics such as age, gender, needs, and occupation, instead of traditional research and one-on-one interviews that take a good proportion of time and investment to provide this information. Once we’ve identified and mapped out the personas, we can use that information to develop scenarios and more individualised strategies, ultimately improving the customer experience.

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Customer profiling

Identification of your consumers is made more accessible with the aid of customer profiling. The generation of client profiles helps too in the formulation of critical design choices along the customer journey.

To achieve the ultimate aim of making a purchase, we need to know which essential calls to action each type of customer requires. By focusing on your customers’ needs, we can create features that benefit various customer types and lead to the order process.

Why do customers quit your website or abandon their shopping carts? Applying use cases and scenarios can prevent that. Finding out which social media channels your audience interacts with, what they read, talk about, and who influences them can help us provide insight into designing the perfect user journey for each of your key customer profiles. Are you profiling your customers or losing them at the cart?

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Customer & segment research

The Key to a Successful Consumer-Focused Product Strategy is Segmentation.

We are all aware that items and services cannot be sold to everyone in the same way or with the same story. We must determine the groups of people who will find your product or service most meaningful to promote effectively.

Segmentation research may reveal how people differ in their opinions, wants, and motivations, allowing your organisation to build a strong brand portfolio and customise marketing messaging to different demographics.

After persona mapping and profiling, segmentation research is essential for creating a unique value proposition for all of your products and services. We have the experience and skills to produce game-changing segmentation insights, whether your goal is to find new growth prospects, refine or expand your brand’s focus, or promote more successfully.

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Competitor research

Whatever it is that you do, there is a good chance that other companies out there have a similar product or service to yours. To obtain an advantage over your competition in any congested market, you need as much knowledge and insight as possible. However, simply understanding what they have to offer is insufficient.

Competitive analysis is research on your competitors that we collect, review, and turn into strategic knowledge. It’s an important part of your marketing strategy for determining what your competitors are up to and to understand the threat they could present to your business’s success. For instance, why do they serve your clients, how do they position themselves, market their products and services, and communicate with them?

Define it, and we’ll be able to uncover the chinks in their armour, position your company, and attract prospects with compelling values and reasons to switch their business to yours.

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