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The brand experience

We have decided on your name, brand, logo, and what should be included on your website. We have created the messaging framework to explain your products and services and created the story for making you an excellent choice for consideration amongst your competition.

It’s now time for us to deliver your brand identity and all that comes through in providing a memorable brand experience. Following our previous processes and research, we uncover opportunities to make your brand true to who you are, unique for your marketplace, creative and memorable.

We maximise your customers’ experience and messaging, creating a seamless experience across all customer communications and touchpoints. It’s now up to us to get it done, on time and on budget. It’s time to go to market.

We deliver your brand. Our work is creative, relevant, innovative and gets results.

Be bold. Be brave. Be Parallel.

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Communication & Promotion

More marketing channels and customer touchpoints are available now than ever before, and traditional customer segmentation is becoming more sophisticated. As a result, choosing the best media mix and allocating the appropriate budget to amplify your brand and reach your target prospects is becoming more challenging than ever.

We have extensive experience developing successful and compelling marketing communications strategies across multiple industries suited to each business size and objective.

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Content strategy

The planning, execution, tracking, and analysis of a marketing initiative, product launch, or event is called campaign management. Campaigns typically involve multiple pushes to potential buyers via email, social media, surveys, print materials, giveaways, and so on, all focusing on the same topic or idea.

Marketing campaigns are launched to get potential buyers to think about a specific problem — a problem that your product or service can solve. These campaigns are critical for engaging your audience and increasing brand awareness.

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Campaign management

The effectiveness of your content strategy will decide the success or failure of your marketing efforts. As a result, content has risen to be of crucial significance for great marketing campaigns. Content has an impact on every level of your marketing funnel, from the creativity you employ in your adverts to the leads you produce through organic search results on social media.

Because of this, if you are not consistently offering great and exciting material for your target market, you will find it challenging to acquire new clients. Therefore, to be successful with content marketing, we must first build an effective content marketing strategy. That approach must begin with an understanding of your prospects’ issues and how your company overcomes those challenges for them and takes their pain away.

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Using advertising to promote your business, you can attract new customers, enhance sales, or raise awareness of your offerings or an upcoming event. In addition, advertising is a powerful tool for establishing a positive initial impression of your company or positioning your services in a specific market niche or position from which your customers can profit.

We can determine whether your target audience is local, regional, national, or international from the marketing plan. Then, we craft the best advertising approach, whether on radio, TV, print, social, digital channels, or face-to-face and convert prospects from the marketing into a sales funnel.

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Product management

You’ve waited a long time for this. When you successfully launch a new product, you feel satisfied and fulfilled. An incredible feeling comes from seeing your hard work come together and seeing new products come to market. Getting the launch right means that you’re part of a product that will please customers and add value to the company.

However, the creation and implementation of a new product experience is a lengthy and complicated task. Marketing initiatives must be coordinated and implemented, and sales training must be planned and deployed. And these are just a few of the standard actions that are included in a product launch strategy. We have a long history of successfully launching new products in a variety of industries and nations.

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Event management

Whether they be exhibitions, promotional events, business meetings, or social gatherings, they must be organised and managed. When it comes to event management, we have extensive experience in making sure your target audience is engaged and that the message of your event is correctly promoted.

Our expertise lies in ensuring experiential events are executed perfectly, on schedule, in style and benefit the brand and the business. We can handle the entire process, beginning with event preparation and continuing through to its execution and completion with your team after the event.

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Media planning

Getting your name above the competition is key to amplifying your brand, and the world of media requires a well-informed and knowledgeable plan. Our extensive media planning study and analysis process means we will only recommend advertising your brand where it’s best placed for your company across the most relevant and appropriate media.

Our goal is to design integrated and cross-channel media campaigns based on an objective view of media planning and created to serve your budget to help you achieve your goals. Once we have gathered the correct information, we will provide recommendations that we genuinely believe will help and choose media with a proven return on investment.

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